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If you need useful and accurate deep cleaning, but are worried about the prices that rug cleaning can rack up, then you may well want to call London Carpet Cleaner on 020 3743 8575 as we can often offer solutions to fit the budget. We supply office cleaning, spring cleaning, and carpet cleaning, to many different customers, form big businesses to private home owners. No job is too big or too small for our elite team, and each one is trained in a number of different skills, to ensure that whether you need end of tenancy cleaning, or a quick upholstery clean, we can help you. It is simple, we see our cleaning team as being well rounded, but still very skilled in each area of the home or work place, so we can provide sofa cleaning in both a domestic cleaning setting, as well as in the office. Even more specialist jobs like curtain cleaning, cushion cleaning and patio cleaning are a breeze for us, as we have the man power and the knowledge for the job. Get in touch right away to hear all about our excellent deals and offers that will ensure that we can work together immediately!

North London rug washingNorth London is a well loved and extremely interesting part of the city. You will find many things to see and do here, which is not particularly surprising, given as it covers a massive 357 square miles. This area is home to an extremely diverse group of people, numbering 4,721,700, which makes for an interesting place, no matter where you go in North London! With the area stretching from the N1 post code region that many central London dwellers will know having visited Islington, Kings Cross and even Hoxton, to the further reaches of the city in N14, which encompasses the Southgate area in Enfield. Between these areas there is much to enjoy, from the new galleries of Hoxton, to the beautiful open spaces of Finsbury Park and Highbury fields. Travel links include the ever steady Northern Line, which connects with the southern areas of the city, as well as rail links to the rest of the country via Euston. You will find that you can even travel internationally from Kings Cross St Pancras, with the channel tunnel making Paris a couple of hours away. If you want to be well connected, then this is the place to be.

cleaning upholstery North LondonIn many ways, it can be too expensive to do a really thorough deep clean, so for some people, rug cleaning, curtain cleaning, cushion cleaning and other more intensive but small jobs are out of the question. Do not be tempted however, to try the office cleaning, by yourself, as these things are not what you need to be worrying about, simply because the budget won’t stretch. You will find that our prices for proper spring cleaning and carpet cleaning will be extremely affordable, and if you feel like they could be bettered, then it is worth giving us a call on 020 3743 8575 to see how we can sweeten the deal. Landlords should get in touch as well, as we can give great results on end of tenancy cleaning, alongside upholstery cleaning and sofa cleaning if your tenants have been less than spotless during their time at your place! Alongside all of this domestic cleaning, we also offer more intensive outdoor solutions like patio cleaning, which will make your home look incredible inside and out! If you are at all on the fence about the matter, then you should get in touch with London Carpet Cleaner immediately.