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Top Tips For End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Bromley

03Jun 2015

end of tenancy cleaning
Losing your deposit over a poor cleaning job is a recipe for disaster. To be sure about getting that deposit back, one needs to leave the house in Bromley spotlessly clean. Following a simple checklist while cleaning home for end of tenancy will be of help.

clean bedrooms
•    Bedrooms first – Usually, bedrooms are the farthest spaces in a home in Bromley, BR2. Cleaning from inside out will be a bonus because then you will be sure of not going back to those spaces again. Vacuum the mattresses, steam vacuum the curtains, clear out all the wardrobes and drawers. Be sure to work on the cobwebs as well and get rid of them. If there is any paint that has come off, get in painters or paint it yourself. Clean the walls with a mild solution of detergent and water and then go for the paint. Seal the room with an old cloth tugged below the door shut behind.

toilet cleaning
•    Bathrooms and toilets – Use white vinegar and water mixture to clean the sink and tiles. Do not forget to clean the mirrors, showerheads and shower curtains too. Put some deodoriser in the bathrooms to ensure a fresh and clean feel. The slab must be rubbed with a wet cloth and then a dry one to prevent marks. The commode can be made spotless with a simple paste of boric powder and water. Leave it overnight in the toilet bowl and flush it the next day. Domestic cleaning can be a really simple job with tricks pulled out from the home closet.

oven cleaners
•    Kitchen and appliances – Kitchen cleaning can be one of the most time-consuming jobs. Home cleaning in the BR1 region will never be complete unless the kitchen is spotlessly clean. Use an old toothbrush to get the dirt between the slab edges. Clean drawers and closets are really important. Put a bowl of vinegar and water in the oven and microwave each on high temperature for 2 hours and 20 minutes respectively. Get rid of the bread crumbs in the toaster and keep it safely where it belongs. Run a descaling cycle in the washing machine and dishwasher. Make sure to clean the outer surface of appliances with a good cleaner and not leave any marks behind.

end of lease cleaning
•    Living room – Upholstery cleaning is the centre word for this section of the home. Give the sofa a good vacuum and remove the stains carefully. Sample test the cleaning solution first on a smaller surface. Do not use water on the leather sofas, it will leave marks. Steam-vacuum the fabric sofas well so that you can catch all the dust and food crumbs that must have deposited inside. Turn the chairs and sofas upside down to get rid of the cobwebs. Cleaning the windows and panes in BR2 can be a challenge but you should remove all the dirt and dust that the sills gather.

patio cleaning
•    Outdoors – If you have a yard to yourself, de-weed the garden, collect the leaves and water the garden to give that fresh feel to the place. Clean the mower and sweep the walkways. Try to get rid of the stains on the driveway. Rubbish must be eliminated from the garage as it can be easily forgotten.

professional cleaners
•    Professional services – Cleaning companies in Bromley can be a lot of help when one does not wish to get their hands dirty. Since they are experienced with the lot, they will have a ready reckoner available for end of tenancy cleaning. Their equipment and knowledge will make an investment worthwhile. So you can choose from doing the cleaning yourself or hiring cleaners to do it for you. Either way you are covered for not losing your valuable deposit.

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